Facebook cover photos - just for fun.

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I like playing with The Gimp. If you're not familiar with The Gimp, it's basically an open source, free imaging tool that does many of the same things that Photoshop can do. Here's a small collection of random things I've done with The Gimp.

These are all formatted to fit as a Facebook cover photo. Feel free to download and share. (To get to the "real" photo, click on the image, wait for the full size to load, the right click and choose "save image".)

A few of these might be kind of "out there". I produced them by asking for random words on Facebook, then trying to put them all in one picture.


Fake Nature



Light Show


Still Life with Vampire


The Ubiquitous Big Toy Hydrangea

Phylogenous Finnimbrun Yak

See How Much I Love You

Fake Space