Insurance companies are evil and must be stopped from raping Americans

Ok, so maybe that titles a little harsh, but I freaking mad!

Today in the mail I got a quarterly statement from my health insurance provider. Basically it was a laundry list of things that they won't pay for.

In one box is my deductable, ok, that's part of it. In another box is my "out of pocket" that I need to pay - ok, isn't that just another word for deductable? Apparently not because it's two different things. AND THEN!!! There's a big long list of things they won't pay for because it's "out of network"!

Basically, when it comes down to it, they will not pay more than I've paid in and they are looking for a lot of ways to keep a lot of that money. In the end, my total medical bills for the last 4 years do not add up to what I've paid in to the insurance company. And even though they paid for some things, I still have a pile of bills. So in the end I'm actually paying MORE with health insurance than I would have paid on my own - totally out of pocket.

How does that make any sense? I could have done a lot with all the money I have paid them, but instead I trusted them to help me with my medical expenses. In the end I could have kept the money, paid for my own medical care and come out ahead. Right now I can't pay for my medication because I gave all my money to the insurance company and they don't cover it. I've been without some important prescriptions for more than two weeks. How is this even remotely fair? I gave them the money, they should pay it back out.

America, please boycott your insurance company. Save your money, invest it in a savings account and pay for your healthcare out of that. Whatever you don't use will gain interest and you don't have to worry about what's covered because you are the one who gets to make that decision, not the insurance company who just wants to keep your money.