And another thing...

Yet another thing in my continuing rant about things that don't make sense...

This was on NBC news tonight:

1 in 100 Americans behind bars, report finds

Ok, so I'm all for "do the crime do the time". But how much of our money is being used to REHABILITATE some of these people, and how much of it is just building holding tanks? I also get that, according to this report, it's not more crime but tougher sentences that are causing the crisis (not sure if tougher sentences are truly a deterrent to crime - that's another post), but how many of these people would be better off on work release, paying taxes, wearing one of those tracking bracelets, than sleeping in an over-crowded prison gym?

How many of these people would be criminals if they could make a living wage doing dignifying, edifying jobs? (Maybe not many - why work if you can make money selling meth - but that's a thought I had.)

Don't know if I really had a point, was just shocked that 1% of America is in jail. That's almost twice as many people currently in jail as currently live in Nebraska.