Things that don't make sense to me anymore, so I give up.

A 14 year old girl posts on her mySpace how she's "not ashamed to be in God's army" and how she hopes to have sex with her boyfriend soon - on the same day.

Hollywood writers went on strike, so they put a bunch of crap on, then the writers come back and the shows are worse than every. Apparently you can string together the most shocking things ever and call it "must see tv". (And I don't even have cable).

My insurance refuses to cover most of the bills I racked up before I couldn't afford to pay them any more. They wouldn't cover my meds, they wouldn't cover a lot of my tests. We did the math. What they did/will pay for is less than 25% of the money I paid into them. The bills I have are less than the other 75% they are keeping as profit off me. If I never had insurance I could have paid all those bills and still had some cash left. It cost me more to have insurance than not.

Gas prices skyrocket because people are trying to make money off of gas that will be sold in the future - in spite of the fact that fuel reserves are higher than they have been in a long time and overall usage is down. They are talking about $4 a gallon and people like me just have to bend over and take it so investors can continue to give the oil companies higher and higher profits.

In politics they call attacking your opponent in an election "strategy". On the playground when we were little they called it "bullying" or "being a crybaby". If you want to know where candidates stand on the issues that matter to you, you have to make an effort to go find the information - all the news talks about is what so and so said about the other so and so. It really makes no difference anyway because once these people get to Washington all their promises go out the window and they blame everyone else for not letting them get anywhere.

I can barely walk, it's hard to even sit up for very long before I get dizzy and have to lie down. My head hurts so bad much of the time that I have to lie in a dark room with a pillow over my head, humming to myself to drown out the ringing in my ears. I've gained almost a hundred pounds because of the side effects on my medications. My doctor just looks at me and shakes his head because he want's to help but can't. Yet the powers that be claim I'm not disabled and should go back to work. Meanwhile, a lady I met a while back is relatively healthy, but get's disabilty because she can't read. I met her when she was buying a book.

I was told by Social Security that I probably won't get disability unless I higher a lawyer. When I do, that lawyer will get a portion of any disability benefits I get, thus not leaving me enough to live on. So what's the point?

The leaders at my church don't communicate with each other, yet always complain about something one of the others is doing. They encourage those of us who care to "go ahead and do whatever it takes to make it better", yet insist we run everything by them - but they don't talk to each other so inevitably one or the other will shoot down something that was approved. So nothing continues to get done.

I still haven't gotten my w2 from when I was working last year, but I don't have any legal recourse because "it's the post offices problem". Apparently it keeps getting returned to home office. The thing is, they had never tried to call me, send it to the local branch, or anything that actually made sense. They sat on it for three weeks until I called and then they were like "oh, it got returned again..." I could really use the money from any tax refund we might get, at least to get my medications which I've been off of for too long.

Out of curiosity I went into a mySpace chat room the other night. Within 60 seconds I was insulted about 100 times, and I hadn't even said anything, I was just "lurking". Is this how people treat each other these days? Am I wrong for wanting to tell everyone to just quit their whining and get a real job?

If my hair is "too long" because "guys should have short hair", then by the same standard, aren't some women's hair too short and they should be equally chastised because "GUYS should have short hair"? Almost every painting of Jesus depicts him with long hair, Moses too for that matter, if they walked into my church would they get the same lecture? (The Jesus I know probably wouldn't even be let in the door of my church, the dirt and blood on his feet might stain the carpet - and the traditional first century middle eastern garb looks too much like a dress - and he doesn't have enough money to contribute to the general fund with his poverty level offerings anyway.)

Oh, and the biggest news story today - every Starbucks in the country was closed after 5 pm. Forget the fact that there is a war going on (where our 20 something generation is slowly being wiped out), children starving, genocide in Africa, the real issue is that people couldn't get poorly made over priced coffee.

I quit.