Broken things

Well, in the space of a week I managed to break two very expensive toys. I know these are just stuff and in the global scheme of things these things are temporal and 10 years from now they'll be in a garbage dump somewhere; but gosh darn it, I like em and I spent money on em and it sucks!

Fortunately, both companies have good warranty programs. One was my IPod, last years fathers day gift. I dropped it and broke the headphone jack - its kind of useless without it. All I had to do was send it in and they're sending me a new one! At least I hope so. I havent gotten it back yet so all I can do is wait. The other was the drum pedal from our Rockband video game, this year's Christmas present to the big kids. They sent us a new one BEFORE we sent in the old one, but charged us a $125 deposit. Sucky, but we got it and can play it. Ive got it in writing that its covered so all we have to do is send the old one and we get the deposit right.

So, in a world thats gone insane with gas prices, bad insurance, and all the other things I complain about on this blog, it's good to find something that works.

UPDATE: Apple's turn around was 3 DAYS! And it was a replacement, not just a repair, no questions asked. How flippin' awesome is that? I'm tempted to get a MAC when I get my next computer if their warrenty is that good on laptops too. (of course that may be a while, they tend to run about 3 times higher than a comperabler pc. But then again, my current laptop is held together with duct tape and a bungie cord.