Ok, so everyone is blogging about this and the movie isn't even out yet. I'm speaking of Bill Maher's latest creation, the documentary, "Religilous".

I've only seen the trailer and the bits he's shared on the The Tonight Show and Conan (which I only watch because I'm too lazy to put in a movie when I can't sleep.) But I'll give him credit for one thing, he's an equal opportunity "anti-relig-ist" (for lack of a better term). He not only goes after Christians, he also confronts the beliefs of Mormons, Islamists, and Raelians (who believe a flying saucer is coming to take them away) and I don't know what else.

So I'm going to say something my Christians friends will probably smack me for, but I applaud Mr. Maher's exercising his First Amendment right. Ben Stein did the same with his documentary "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed", which took a pro-intelligent-design stand. Will anyone see Bill Maher's movie? Probably not many, documentaries typically don't bring in the big bucks. Will I see it? Probably not. Not because I'm worried about being offended or anything like that, I just don't find Bill Maher funny.

So, go ahead and make fun of religion. I don't care. I'm always examining what I believe and I really don't see much as a challenge to my faith. So to those of you that are going to be picketing the movie theater, remember that the movie makers are just exercising the same rights that allow you to picket.

That's my opinion anyway.