Our Stolen Governor

If you haven't heard, it's practically a done deal that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will be joining Obama as Commerce Secretary. (Personally, I feel he would have made a better Secretary of State than whats-her-name, but in this economy I think the position of Commerce Secretary will prove to be much more important.)

I applaud Obama for reaching out to his former opponents. I think that's going to prove to be his real talent: putting the right people in charge of the right things.

One thing that's bugging me (not about Obama). If I get one more "scary" email about how "share the wealth" is going to destroy the country I'm going to send that person an email bomb (totally crash their computer - I can do it, don't tempt me.) The democratic party is not about enslaving the American people. We're not going to become a Socialist or Communist or Islamic country just because Obama was elected. We still have a government "of the people, by the people, for the people". When our new President and congressmen take office and you don't like the way things are going, get involved. Don't sit back and complain, get on the phone and complain, send emails and letter. That's the beauty of a representative government, you can contact your senators and representatives and tell them what you want. Will they always listen? I can't promise that, since they represent more than just you, but at least you'll be heard.