I've ranted on this before, and I probably will again. It's going to be a long 4 years (possibly 8) if people just keep going on and on and on and not stepping up to the plate and not doing anything.

I am talking of course about the election of Democratic President Barak Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress. Yay. They won. Sorry Republicans, it's not your year. Can we shut up now and get to work? Can we quit talking about whose fault is what and just roll up our sleeves and fix it? (BTW, how can any of this be the President's fault, the poor man has only had the job like a week.)

No, I don't agree with all of President Obama's plans. In fact, I'm kinda upset by a couple of things he's already done, but in the big picture those were not unexpected. But am I just going to sit back and whine? No. When somthing that is important to me comes up, I'm going to do what everyone should do: contact my congressmen (or congresswomen - congresspeople?) and let them know what is important to me.

Don't like the President's plan for Iraq? You don't have to sit back and cry. We live in a government of checks and balances. The President can do some things on his own, but most big issues have to get by Congress and the Supreme Court is there to make sure everything is legal-like. I realize that under Bush that kind of got swept under the carpet, but we really do have a government "of the people, by the people, for the people". And the reality is, Congress controls the purse strings. The President can plan all he wants, but if Congress isn't willing to pay for it, it ain't gonna happen.

So quit whining. Contact your congressmen and let them know what you want. Get your friends to do it. Get your family to do it. If we all do it, you'd be surprised what would happen.

Or you can sit on your couch and complain to the TV. Yeah, that helps.