I don't want him to fail

I do hold some conservative values. Being a Christian I am often lumped in with extreme conservatives because of what many presume I believe based on my religious orientation. However, when I truly examine my political views, I find I fall outside of mainline conservatives. Nor am I a liberal, by the strictest political definition. If I have to affiliate myself with a political party, I am closest to being a Libertarian.

There has been a lot of talk on the talk shows lately (I guess that's what they're for) about a comment from Rush Limbaugh saying he wants President Obama to fail. Some conservatives have even gone so far as to say "he's not my president". I hate that. Like his views or not, voted for him or not, Barak Obama was legally voted by a majority to be THE President of the United States. If you are an American citizen, he is your President.

Some say Mr. Limbaugh's quote was taken out of context. I've read what was said, the whole monologue in which the quote took place. I've heard a replay of the radio broadcast. There is no mistaking that the quote is meant exactly as it stands. He wants Obama to fail. To say such a thing show contempt for the office, and likewise for the American people.

Now, do I like everything that has happened in the last 35 days or so since President Obama was sworn in? No. I don't think anyone does 100%, not even the President himself. Do I like the fact that the stimulus package was designed to help corporations and government instead of bailing out the people directly? No. But, do I want these programs to fail? No. Why? Because unlike Mr. Limbaugh and other "loud" conservatives, I don't have a pot of gold hanging from my butt. Me and my family are $5 away from having to skip a meal because we can't afford food. I already have had to do without my medication for about 2 months which has led to a rapid decline in my condition. We're having to pick and choose what things our children participate in and which functions we drive to because we can't afford the gas.

Failure of Obama's (and the Democratically controlled congress') plans means disaster for my family and many of my friends. Every day another "for sale" sign goes up in my neighborhood with "foreclosed" pasted to it. And we live in an area with lots of cheaply made mobile/modular homes. It's scary. I don't think the plans in action are the best options, but failure is not an option, and to say that or to think that shows nothing except a level of self-centered-ness and narcissism that American's don't need right now. Especially when you don't have any other ideas except "don't raise my taxes because I'm rich". Being rich in a time of need shows a contempt for your fellow man that is disgusting. I'm not talking about relative wealth, I'm talking you have millions in the bank, make hundreds of thousands a year while your former neighbor lives in a tent down by the river.Shut up, pay your taxes, open your heart and wallet and DO SOMETHING.

AND if I hear one more person say "pull yourself up by your bootstraps like I did", I'm gonna punch them. It's hard to pull yourself up by your bootstraps when the the banks, stock market, and AIG (why do we keep giving them money?) lost your boots.

So, my conservative friends, I am officially distancing myself from anyone who supports Mr. Limbaugh or who shares his views. President Obama IS my president and I DON'T want him to fail.

I pray fervently that he doesn't.