JJ Abrams on the New Star Trek Movie: I Really Wanted to Confuse People

March 25th, 2009 - Building up the success of his extremely confusing TV series, Lost, writer/director/producer JJ Abrams has turned his talents toward the geek obsessed Star Trek franchise.

"I really just wanted to confuse people", replied Abrams, when asked about the inspiration behind his work.

"There have been many rumors about what the movie (Star Trek) is about, and none of them are right. The story is so complex and confusing that they (Star Trek fans) will just disappear into their little holes to over-analyze it. It'll be a great laugh."

Abrams has shown his skill at confusing and complex stories. His hit ABC TV series, Lost is currently in production on it's 5th season. When asked about what makes the show a hit Abrams replied, "Don't ask me, it's all a joke. I laugh every time a new episode premiers. To think that millions of people out there are trying to make sense of it is just great. It's the biggest April Fool's joke ever!"

Trekkies the world over have had the blog abuzz for the last few years, speculating as to what the new movie could bring to the franchise. Many are fearing that the new story, featuring younger incarnations of the characters, will be too far outside of the canon of the universe that creator Gene Roddenberry began building in the late '60s.

"I really don't know. I don't know anything about Star Trek", Abrams responded when asked about the fans' fears, "This movie is probably the most confusing thing I've created. It'll take them years to figure out that I really don't care about the story at all. I put in Vulcanians and Romuloos and a time machine, I figured that would at least get them to buy tickets."

Star Trek releases to theaters May 9th.

Yes, this is a joke. Don't sue me.