Phasse 3 and beyond

You know, I really don't have much else to say on this subject. I've had Ubuntu up and and running for a few days now, and it's gotten to the point that with a few exceptions, I don't even think about the fact that I'm using Linux.

There's only one program I miss and I'm a little irked at the developers, but it is what it is. Digsby is an all in one instant messenger application, it even alerts me when my friends make changes to their Facebook or MySpace pages. On their download page, they have a link for Linux, featuring the happy little penguin, but when you click on it you get an offer to submit your email to be notified when it's ready. A little misleading, but there ya go.

There is another, but I knew going it that it wouldn't work on Linux. Netflix has an awesome instant view feature, but it's built around Microsoft's DRM. So, of course, it only works on Windows. There are rumors that they are making an update based on a different DRM that will work on Mac and Linux. We'll see.

And I'm going to have to continue to use my Windows computer for my Ipod. Not because it's not possible on Ubuntu, it most certainly is, podcasts and all. But the issue isn't with Linux, its with the hard drive on this laptop. My Ipod is 30 gig, the hard drive is only 20.

I even got some emulation going. I had heard that one of my all time favorite games, StarCraft, would work on Linux using Wine (WINdows Emulator). I installed Wine, Installed StarCraft, and it works flawlessly.

So now I'm going hunting for things that Ubuntu/Linux does BETTER than Windows. Any suggestions?