Blogging on medication

I need to quit blogging under the influence of pain killers. The things I say used to make sense. I'll try to proofread before I hit "post" from now on.

Because you know when you try to say something that you haven't really thought through, ti can come out all floopy and gerflerbangened. It's like the time I tired to drive my car on a rado that I had never bnee on before and i thought the road kept going only it turned tinot thes farmer's parth through his cornfield. I was going about 50 (neber a good idea on a dirt road, but I suw stufig). and then suddenly the road ran out and it was a 4 foot dorp down into the cornfield. I pooped three tired and lost a muffler.

So the moral of the story is don't blog when you're about to fly into a cornfield because you may bot make sense.