Samsung SC-MX20 Digital Camera Revisited

I've had such tremendous response from my original post about the Samsung SC-MX20 digital video camera, that I felt I needed to revisit the issue.

If you got here from Google or another search then you either have a Samsung SC-MX20 and you're having issues with it, or you are thinking about getting one. So you are either having the following issues or you need to know about them:

Issues With Samsung SC-MX20
1) Camera saves files in MP4 format.
Files need to be converted before using with various windows programs
2) After recording in widescreen format, videos are forced into standard format on your computer.
Camera does not "tell" your computer the video is widescreen.
3) Videos recorded in widescreen are "interlaced", causing horizontal lines to appear in the video.
Quality can be greatly lower.

I have built the fix.

This program is freeware. It is provided AS IS. USE AT YOU OWN RISK!!

This is my second version of the program. It has options to deinterlace and to do widescreen or not.

Download the compressed file, unzip it, then double click "Click here to install". The program is self explanatory. On Vista you may get a notice that it's "Not Responding", but it is. Be patient. If you have any other problems, comment here.

Click here to download.

Note: This fix is for Windows. It has not been tested in Windows 7. Please see my original post for information that may help if you have a Mac or Linux computer.