Maybe the healing has begun.

I've written a lot about my church on this blog, usually shaking my fist at the Heavens and asking "WHY? WHY? WHY?!!!??" The teachers and leadership at this church just seemed so lost and confused that I am honestly surprised that the doors haven't been shut long before now.

But something has started to happen. The last couple of Sundays that I was able to attend (not concurrent due to my disability) the services has come alive in a way that was severely lacking before. It's as if this body has been holding it's breath and has finally allowed itself to breath again.

I can't really define it. Quantitatively and Qualitatively nothing has changed in the music, the message, or anything in the mechanics of the service. There just seems to be a.... passion, a purpose, a... well, a community that didn't exist just a few short weeks ago.

And for that I am very grateful. I will write more as things unfold and I can make sense of what is going on.