Went for a walk today...

One of the benefits of exercising lately is that I am able to walk again. Let me clarify. When I fell ill, I developed a great deal of weakness on my left side. I never completely lost my ability to walk, but I did lose my ability to walk PURPOSEFULLY. I could walk around the house, but I couldn't be on my feet very long to actually GO somewhere, like around the block with my wife, through the store at Wal-Mart, things like that.

Today I had to go with my wife to her classes because I had a doctor's appointment and the only way to get there was to hang around with her most of the day. I didn't have time to do my usual work out on the Wii fit, so I opted for walking around on campus while she was in class. To keep myself motivated, I brought the camera with me. While it was difficult and I was very sore and exhausted when I stopped, I was able to walk around for about an hour. I don't think I went very far, but I did have a good time snapping some random pictures around campus.

This is a little outdoor amphitheater. I think these are lights, but they may be drains. I liked the stair-step pattern from where I was standing.

A random rain spout.

These lamp posts are just one example of how the campus has embraced the traditional designs and patterns of the Navajo and Apache peoples, who are he majority in this area.

Fence with handrail. I for one am very grateful that there are many of these around campus to help folks like me up and down the inclines.

The clock tower, from the base. Kinda hard to see the time, but it looks a lot taller this way.

Fence and shadow.

Rain spout. Yes, we do get rain once in a while. Though normally the sky is the brilliant blue that you see through the hole.

Another lamp post.

Shadow on steps. I thought the zig-zag was fun.

Yes we do have trees, though this is one of the biggest in the area. It's about 30 feet tall.

This statue is called "The Shepherdess". I didn't catch the artist's name. Sheep and goats are how many Native American people on the Reservations make a living.

Limestone wall. There are limestone accents almost everywhere you look, indoors and out.

One of the student lounge areas has display cases all around in the walls. This one had some archeological pieces to share.

Another had some interesting geological specimens. I have no idea what this rock is, but it is very colorful.

Yes, there are some green plants besides cactus that grow here. Unfortunately, they only grow inside. This is the botany lab.

And finally, I celebrated my new-found mobility by eating one of each of these out of the candy machine.