I want to write.

So I'm sitting here staring at my blank blog page thinking to myself "I really want to write something". I live writing. I used to do it a lot. Poems, stories, journals. I started keeping a blog (an online version of my journal) long before services like Blogger and WordPress were available. (Unfortunately, the server crashed and many years worth were lost.)

If you look through this blog you will see many attempts at writing. I won't be so bold as to say I'm a good writer, I have no delusions of grandeur, but I enjoy it and I just do it for fun.

But lately, I just haven't been inspired. I haven't found that "thing" that gets the gears turning. So I'm sitting here staring at it thinking, "I want to write, but I can't think of anything". Now I'm writing about not writing.

My lovely wife is taking a writing course as part of her curriculum this semester. That got me thinking about my writing process. Which is, I don't have a process. When something strikes me, I just start typing. Sometimes I go back and make revisions, but most times I just let it flow, even if the idea peters out and I can't find an ending.

Another thing I do is participate in writing RPGs. Unlike video games or table-top games, these games are basically collaborative writing exercises.  One plays a character within the world of the story and your characters actions are based upon events and actions of other characters. It's a lot of fun, but it can be limiting.

I'd really like to produce something that is complete, even if it's not any good and never shared with anyone,  I want something that's done, like done done. But more complex than your average blog post.

But as I said, I'm uninspired and I might need to refine my writing process to be able to generate something a little more polished. So what should I write about and what's the best  way   to go about it?