Day 14,15,16 - What the Bible Really Says

I'm going to try to catch up in one post. I hope you're cool with that.

Today's Reading: Numbers 4:29-11:35, Numbers 12:1-21:9, and Numbers 21:10-29:40

What's in today's reading: Some final rules, setting out from Sinai, checking out Canaan, wandering wandering wandering..., grumbling grumbling grumbling...

With some final commands, the nation if Israel sets out from Mount Sinai and almost immediately starts complaining. They miss the food they ate in Egypt, so God gives them quail. Still they complain.

And then they get to where they are going, the promised land. They send in spies, and the people panic. Instead of taking the land, they are set to wander for 40 years, until those who complained pass away. Moses' authority is challenged, and re-instituted. A few scuffles, and we end today with some rules regarding sacrifice.

One of the harder things to understand in this section is God's anger. He is leading these people out of slavery and to a land of milk and honey, but in chapter 11 when they complain He sets part of the camp on fire. They complained and asked for meat, so He buried them in quail and also gave them a plague. When Miriam challenged Moses, she was made leprous. The people complain more and he sends serpents to bite them. A man takes a wife from another nation and a plague is sent on everyone.

Why, if these are His people, is He killing so many of them off?

Honestly, I don't know. But it scares the heck out of me. God hates sin. He hates it so much that to preserve his chosen people He will kill of thousands to protect a few.

How much does He hate MY sin?

Tomorrow's Reading: Numbers 30:1-Deuteronomy 1:46