Day 21 - What the Bible Really Says

Today's Reading: Deuteronomy 32:48-Joshua 10:28

Moses' story ends and Joshua's begins. With a final blessing Moses dies and the nation takes it's first steps into the promised land.

Spies are sent to scout things out, a friendly prostitute protects them and keeps them from being caught. The people pack up and cross the Jordan river and set to take the city of Jericho. The fall of Jericho is a well known story, but what you don't often hear is that some jerkface kept some treasure that he wasn't supposed to and because he broke God's commands the whole nation was punished in their next battle and they lost. They rooted the guy out, stoned and burned him and his whole house and then everything was ok. They went back out and won the battle on the next try.

Tricked by some, conquering others, even making the sun stand still in the sky so there is enough daylight to fight... Israel is on the move.

The chosen people are entering their promised land, driving out those that were there. Why? Why is God allowing them to be executed to make way for another group of people?

Why did God flood the earth in Noah's time? God knows what He's doing. Do I understand it? Do I even LIKE it? No. But God is doing what he does.

Tomorrow's Reading: Joshua 10:29-20:9