Happy New Year. Woo. I'm so excited. Really.



New year. So excited. Woo.

Is it possible to be burned out when you don't do anything? I went through burnout a few times in my working career, mostly working for bosses that didn't give a crap about the people that worked for them. I kind of feel that way now, even though I'm not working. Tired, frustrated, depressed, no joy in anything.

The holidays were just kind of... meh. No excitement, no joy, just a feeling of 'this is something we have to do'. And we did. And now it's over and we're kind of glad to have it over. And we're still tired.

What am I missing? What did I miss? How did something I normally enjoy so much turn into such a drag? I mean it was even my grand-daughter's first Christmas and all I felt was .... meh. I even got some really neato gifts and all I feel is .... meh.

What will 2013 bring? I don't know. Am I excited about it? No. Just.... meh.

So bring it on 2013. I'm all meh about you.