Bloggity blogging for the sake of blogging the blogs.

I blog. At least I try. I've never really gotten into the whole "blogging community" thing that was happening back in the day before Facebook took over the world, before twitter made 140 characters the limit of anyone's thoughts. But I still do it, for it's own sake. For the sake of the thoughts in my brain. For the creative process of writing.

But I also suck at it. I enjoy writing, but I'm not really any good at it. Most of my problem these days is that I just can't find any inspiration. No ideas. No concepts. Nothing. I just can't find something to write about.

My muse is dead.

I used to just write whatever came to mind, but now I'm realizing that my thoughts run in circles.I've written about all the stuff that I think about. It's been done. Nothing new in my brain. I'm stumped. Blocked. Boring.

But still I try. Why? Probably because I'm nuts. Totally insane. Whacko. Yep. Just a comfy sweater and a cat away from being that weird guy down the street. You know the one, with the pink flamingos and the spinny flowers and the death metal music blaring at 2 am? Yea, that guy. Calls his cat "Muffin".

But I'm not there yet. Just most of the way. Or at least I will be if I can't overcome this writer's block. Not because I think I have something important to say, but just because I need to produce something.

So send me all your ideas. All of them. Every little one. No matter how nuts.