I'm an angry man. I'm angry all the freaking time.

Not live violently angry, but I yell sometimes. Mostly I yell at the TV or the computer screen or the phone. Or I yell ON the computer screen or on the phone. My facebook friends, unfortunately, have to deal with me the most.

I make no apologies. Well, some apologies, but mostly I've learned to keep things controlled and harness that angry energy into other endeavors where it's OK to be angry sometimes. Politics, for example.

Today it's a long list of things I'm angry at. Politicians that create problems in other countries and then refuse to help the people displaced by violence. People that are capable of driving sports cars with a 6-speed manual transmission, but have a handicap parking permit, my own disabilities that sometimes make it hard to physically get from the bed to the bathroom (most times it's just some chronic pain and migraine, but sometimes it's weakness on the left side, vertigo, and general f-d up-ed ness), and the shocking disuse of logic in any discussion on anything.

When did opinion become so important? (probably with the invention of the Internet) When did everyone's thoughts on issues of state becomes all we talk about? I mean, sure, there's an election coming up, but why are we spending all our time debating the fate of Syrian refugees? It's not something most of us have any control over. Unless we work for the federal government, it's not really our problem. And as always these debates break down into the same old discussions about religion and guns and money.

Everything always breaks down to that. Religion guns and money.

And that torques me off too. What about PEOPLE?  What about LOVE YOUR BLEEPING NEIGHBOR? What about just doing the decent thing for your fellow man? Be they local or foreign?

Rant over. I'm done.