November writing day 4

I don't have it in me today to get into my story. The world just kind of sucks and I'm kind of angry and things just don't make sense.

But that's kind of where my story goes, I think. The walking-at-night-in-a-storm horror element is the opening scene of a bigger story. The person in the dark is the first victim of the monsters - which are us.

A cliche' yes, over-used, yes, but there is some truth, some reality to that. Too many groups, especially churches, eat their own. They cannibalize themselves until they're dead. My own church is going through a chapter of this, many insisting that things be done their way, that people think the same way, that everyone be pod people, intellectual clones of each other. It's pathetic.

And I think that's where my walking-in-the-storm becomes a bigger narrative. But how to transition from the guy disappearing in the dark to a bigger story of we're the monsters?

I don't know. But maybe just ranting through it will get me there.