Still Irked

I've been looking over the so-called proofs offered by the Rational Responders on their web site that they presented in the debate, and it's only strengthened my faith and made me more frustrated with self-appointed spokes-persons of the Christian faith. There are actually some things that I agree with from the Rational Responders, one of which may surprise you.

They made the comment on the debate and on their website comparing the methods of Mr. Comfort and Mr. Cameron to terrorists. Claiming that they are scaring people into heaven. Guess what, I've watched several episodes of their show, Way of the Master online, and the Rational Responders are right. Comfort and Cameron are terrorizing people. I think it's offensive that they call this guerrilla type of evangelism "The way of the Master". Jesus didn't scare people into heaven, He spoke in stories, He approached people in love, He forgave their sins and then healed their bodies to prove He had authority to do so.

However. The Rational Responders made the claim that there is no proof that Jesus even existed because there are no reliable writings outside the Bible to prove he existed. There's a well written article on their site pointing to all these first century writers that should have noticed Jesus but never made a mention of Him.

First of all, there are some extra-Biblical writings from first century historians, but supposedly these are all "debatable" and "must have been added later". How convenient. Their stance is that if someone mentions Jesus, it must have been forged. Fine, whatever.

But answer this. If this Man Jesus never existed, how do you account for his followers changing the belief system of the world's most powerful government in the span of less than 300 years? If He didn't exist, how do you account for the explosion of belief in Him in the first, second, and third century? How do you account for those who claimed to have known Him going to their death for what they KNEW was a lie? While people may die for what they believe to be true, how many do you know that will die for what what they KNOW to be FALSE?

The thing that made me decide to be a follower of Christ was not fear of Hell. It was the realization that it all started with a small group of men - most poor, scrawny, starving fishermen who, when their Leader died, ran for their lives, but later experienced something that made them willing to risk their lives and eventually die to teach what He taught and bring his love and healing to others. What was that? How did that happen? The only explanation is that Jesus lived, He died and He ROSE. Only the experience of the resurrected Christ could explain that.

So before you cut it off at the root and say "there's no proof He even lived", look a little bit ahead. There is no effect without a cause. If He didn't live, then what was that cause, what accounts for the rapid spread of the Christian faith?

That's all I've got to say on the matter. I will not waste any more of my time on the Rational Responders. I've provided a link to their site, do you own research on what they present there.

But do me a favor, stay away from Way of the Master. While they may say some good things, they are representing the rest of us the wrong way. (For a good discussion starter on why their way of evangelism is offensive to the rest of us, check out the video called "Bullhorn" from the "Nooma" series by Rod Bell.)