Phase 3 on going - Linux can do that?

It's been a laid back kind of day. I haven't felt like doing much, so I've played a little here and a little there.

One thing that is taking a little getting used to is the interface. I haven't dug into it a whole lot, but all the changes I make have the same feel. It "kinda" looks like Windows, but it's got a cartoony feel to it. It's like Windows 3.1 pretending to be Vista. I'm using the default, which is Gnome. If you know of a better one, let me know.

I have been surprised by a couple of fun things. Ubuntu has this "Jello" thing with the windows. If you drag a windows it squashes and stretches and jiggles like Jello. Fun! Also, it came with a set of screensavers that are pretty cool.

And there's games - a lot of games. A lot of REALLY GOOD games. You like shooters like Halo? How about a bunch of them for free? Happy downloading.

I haven't gotten all my favorite apps set up yet, though. I want to be able to access files on my Windows machine without having to move them to my Linux machine and then move them back when I'm done. Haven't figured out that one yet. Also, I've heard that some Windows games and stuff will run like normal on Linux using emulation software. Haven't tried that yet.

So I'm just rambling. Mumbling. Mumbling and rambling. I'll post more serious when I'm feeling better.