Phase 3 part 1 - found a glitch

I'm getting to the limit for the day, in fact I may be past the limit. Maybe I'll take a bath and a nap and see how I feel after that.

In the process of setting up some of my favorite apps, I found a glitch. It's disappointing, but not disheartening.

In windows, I was able to set my home page on Firefox to open 8 different tabs at start up. These are all sites I use all the time. When I did that in Ubuntu, Firefox began to run so slow that it wasn't useable. I'd expect this functionality on Windows, I was hoping Linux was immune to it.

It took me a bit to figure out that it was the multiple tabs doing it and not just one site or the other. When I pruned it down to just 3 tabs, everything was fine.

So, I've had enough for today. I'll finish phase 3 later. Still, no real issues installing it or using it, just a glitch in Firefox.