Not a lot to say lately

I haven't had much to say lately on this blog. Not sure why. There's a lot going on in the world that I could spew forth my opinion on, like health insurance (which I have talked about a lot, but it's a real thorn in my side, always have something to say on that subject), cash for clunkers (ok, what's next? give away money for eating cheese? for buying bread? we need to start producing something with this money), our broken microwave (it's like almost 20 years old, probably too dangerous to have around anyway), daughter going off to college (I will blog about that as soon as I can think about it without bawling my eyes out), and potty training (you'd think by the time I was 40 I'd get the hang of it, but....)

Actually, I've been busy with my latest distraction. My video camera. I've even given it it's own blog, which you can see here. We got this thing a while back and it's been great fun. I've always enjoyed turning home videos into fun movies, but this one is digital and it's given me hours of great distraction.

So, maybe soon I'll have something to say.