For church today

I wrote this for church today, thought it came out pretty good. I know some of you might appreciate it, so I'm sharing. Here ya go:

Our dear friend who is visiting us this weekend introduced us to a new hobby: geocaching. If you haven't heard of it, it's basically sort of a treasure hunt, designed to get you out into nature. those who place the caches or treasure leave the GPS coordinates of where it was placed and a hint on a website. the seeker uses a GPS device to get close to the location, then the hint to find it. The cache is usually some sort of container filled with trinkets that other treasure seekers have left. you are encouraged to leave your name (or a nick name) on a little log book and to leave something of your own. You are also free to take something in exchange as a souvenir.

As we were doing this, I discovered something about my youngest children. They are greedy little buggers. When we found these caches, filled with all these little plastic toys and trinkets, they just wanted to take them all and not leave any behind. Including the things our friend brought with her to leave there. It took some persuading and bargaining to get them to not take more than we were leaving.

We as adults can be like that sometimes. We work and strive for our own treasure, a paycheck, and think once we get it, it's all ours. But the bible tells us that God is the one that gives us the ability to work, that He is the one that put the treasure there for us to find. And it's our responsibility to put something back.