Haven't had anything to write about.

It's been a long time since I've picked a "topic of the day" like podcasting or amber alerts to write about. The truth is that lately I've been fixed on one topic and one alone: weight loss.

About a month ago I went to the doctor and he told me my cholesterol was "abnormally high". Like really bad. Like so bad I was lucky to be alive. Let's put it this way. There's a "normal" level, the high level is about double that, that's the level right before they put you on meds for it. My levels were double THAT. So not only are they high, they are double what high should be.

His advice? Lose 40 pounds, right now. Like immediately. My next appointment with him is 4 months from that first appointment. So I have until September to lose 40 pounds.

I've lost 15 so far. I've been chronicling my adventure on another blog: 40 in 4.

So forgive me if I haven't been communicating as much as I would like. I'd love to just blog all the time, but so much of my energy is focused on eating right and exercising that it doesn't leave much room in my brain for much else right now. Maybe once I get down to a normal weight I can focus on maintaining it and not obsessing over it.