There was this news video...

I wish I could find it. About 9 years ago, in the aftermath of 9/11 when all of America was in a daze and no one knew what was going to happen, one of the networks aired a story that stuck with me. I don't remember which network, but if you know, let me know so I can post a link.

Anyway, the story was about a makeshift memorial that was taking shape in Central Park(?). Hundreds of people were coming by with sidewalk chalk and leaving messages on the sidewalk. Some were as simple as "God Bless", others were elaborate poems and pictures.

New York, having a very diverse population, had people of every nationality coming to the park to view the chalk memorial and to participate. By this time, it was known that Al Qeda was being blamed for the attacks. The TV network I mentioned wondered what would happen if they sent someone that looked "Islamic" to this memorial. They found a couple, I don't know if they were practicing Muslims or not, I think they worked for the TV station, the woman wore a head scarf and the man wore one of those skull caps, the cameras hid, and the couple waded into the crowd at Central Park.

The TV station also alerted the police and had their own security people close at hand in case things got ugly.

But things didn't get ugly. In fact, quite the contrary. As the couple wondered around, looking at the chalk writings and drawings, many people stopped to shake their hands, to talk to them. A very sad looking lady hugged them. Near a guitar player, they joined hands with other onlookers. When someone asked them to pray with her, they bowed their heads.

The tag line at the end of the video, the "parting thought" if you will, was something like "Here, at this memorial, everyone is an American."


I wish it was still like that.