Some photo-shooping.

Here's a  picture from Tasha's wedding.  Chris and Dagmar of Hippie Boy Design and  Photography did a great job and we  owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

I wanted to have some fun so I chose this one to play around with:

This is a great picture of the bride and groom. However, the background is a bit distracting. No fault of the photographer, it's just what he had to work with. So I'm going to try and make the subjects pop a little more.

Three things stand out that just need to go. In the corner is a bit of a Christmas wreath, by the brides shoulder is a window frame, and just above the grooms head is a weird reflection that kind of looks like horns.

I use Gimp. It's this fantastic open-source program that does most things that Photoshop does.

Using the clone tool, I simply used elements of the background near the elements I wanted to remove and covered them up.

The next thing I wanted was to turn the background black and white. So I copied the layer, desaturated it, and using a layer mask, trimmed the subject from the color layer.

Then, using the blur filter, I made it the background fuzzy.

Then I cropped it to 8X10.

Here's the end result:

Here's the two side by side:

If you'd like a detailed account of the edits, let me know! I'll write it up.

PS. Here's a third iteration. This one took a little more work. Can you spot the changes?