Rambly ramblings

Hi. Here's some free flowing thoughts for you:

My head hurts. Today is really bad. My granddaughter is being a freaking pain in the butt, super whiney. She wants a bottle, but we've been trying to wean her from them. I would just give in and give her one, but I can't find any. So it's just the screamfest right now.

I miss being able to just grab onto a topic and write about it. As time goes on my head just feels mushier and mushier all the time and it's hard to form an idea, let alone put words together to talk about it. Stories and hobbies and just random junk and things - it's all getting so hard and it really freaks me out. Everything is always in a haze, a blur. Like a frosted window and I'm behind it, banging on the glass trying to get through it to the world on the other side.

I really freaking wish we had a freaking dog door. I love my dogs, but dang they make me nuts during the day. In and out and in and out every freaking 5 minutes. Normally I wouldn't care, but on a day like today when there is pain and crying baby and just wanting a freaking break, they really get on my nerves.

Lately, things that have nothing to do with me make me really really angry and stressed out. I try to follow the news because I think it's important to keep up on what is going on in the world. But news services, more and more lately, don't share facts, they share opinion and rhetoric. Even on Twitter, where the 140 characters should force them to limit themselves to fact, they instead go for sensationalism and hype. I know that news has always been this way, to an extent, but you could always get the facts. Now there are not facts, everything is debatable for some reason. Even whether the sky is blue. I have kind of a leftist view of the world and politics and the right-wing stuff is just getting me worked up to the point of insanity. (I know, left-leaning people can be just as bad, but dang.)

The Holidays are upon us. According to retailers, Christmas has been here since October, before Halloween. I enjoy Christmas, for the sake of the kids, but I really hate how retail has made it all about them. "Buy your decorations! Then buy baking goods! Then buy presents! Then buys stuff that's on sale instead of spending the day with your family! I hate it. Hate with a burning hate that outshines the sun. Hate.

Kids are home from school now and as usual they are fighting and complaining and making messes and being little jerks. Someone is always upsetting someone else over something trivial and then there is the hitting and the crying and the bleeding. I love my kids, I really do, I just wish they weren't so crazy.

It's raining. We're supposed to get snow. Not sure how I feel about that, but then again what does it matter? It's not like I can do anything about it. But then again, three paragraphs above I was just saying that I get upset about things I can't do anything about all the time.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Just really really tried all of the time.

Ok. That's all for now. See ya.