It's rant day.

Time to rant. I need to rant. It's rant time. Ranting rant rant that rants.

As usual, I'm angry and tired and frustrated and sore and hungry and just generally very freaking miserable. I know that you all are tired of hearing that from me. "Cheer up, dude" you might say, "Life isn't all that bad" you might tell me, "Stop being a Bob Bummer". I am what I am, I make no apologies for it. I wish I knew how to be a happy person. I wish I knew how to just be cheerful and not depressed or anxious or ragey all the time.

But I don't. Maybe I need therapy. Actually, I know I do. But it's not covered. So on it goes.

Today's adventure, fixing the stupid freaking dishwasher. Did you know that bones won't dissolve in a dishwasher? It will just turn all skunky and nasty and plug the whole works. It's nasty. The good news is the dishwasher should be working now, the bad news is it took two freaking hours and now my back really hurts.

But the smell isn't too bad, at least compared to the granddaughter barfing on me. So now I really need a shower, but I can't take one as long as the granddaughter is running amok. Mom is at work, on her 4th 8 hour shift in 48 hours. I know that doesn't add up, but it's true. She's had to close, then open, then go in that evening, then again the next afternoon... we haven't really seen her, nor has her daughter since 10am thanksgiving. But she's doing the right thing, trying to keep her job and take care of herself and her daughter. It sucks, but it's the world we live in.

The holiday is winding down. The leftovers are thinning out, and we're all just really stinking tired. Wife is napping, so I can't, but I'm chilling, watching something on Netflix, and the kids are mostly quiet. I am, however, really freaking glad they are going back to school on Monday. I love my kids dearly, but dang, a few days off of school and it's like Lord of the Flies in here.

We broke our tradition of decorating on Thanksgiving weekend. My eldest son did put up the outside lights before he left, but we didn't get the tree up or anything else. Just too tired. And honestly, just not feeling very Christmas-y. And honestly haven't for years. We go through the motions for the kids, because that's really what it's about, making the kids happy, but neither Anna nor I have really wanted to put up the tree or anything else for several years now. We're just tired and burned out and stressed to the max. If something doesn't change, we'll probably just start skipping Christmas altogether. Stuff the kids get all just turns to trash by March anyway.

I've had to back off on some of my political rantings and such lately. It would get to the point where I would just be boiling, frothing, screaming. It's like banging your head against the wall to get people's attention, only no one cares that you're giving yourself brain damage. What frustrates me the most is people using the Bible as justification for one behavior or another and then insisting that the political machine bend to their world view. The Bible is neither left nor right, it just IS. If you claim to follow the Bible, speak where it speaks and remain silent where it is silent. Otherwise, just shut the foo up. Do what you want politically, I don't care one way or the other, but don't claim the higher ground, on the left or the right, because of the Bible. Jesus wasn't liberal or conservative, He was who He was.

And now I'm just tired. I'm going to be done now.