What are you looking at? Oh, does my wobbly gait and the use of a cane bother you? Maybe it's my slightly slurred speech, my drooping left eye? Or maybe it's the extra 80 pounds of weight I now carry caused by an adverse reaction with one of the many medications I've been on. Or the tremors in my hands.

Really, I don't mind the looking. I really don't. In fact I'd rather be looked at than ignored. If you ignore me, you might kick my cane out from under me and when that happens I fall. And that really hurts.

I'm not asking for special treatment. I don't need it. I just need a little respect. I just need you to not push me or kick out my cane or cut right in front of me when I'm moving because it's hard to stop.

Really, it's ok to look. I'm really kind of a mess and that's ok. I'd rather you look and see me than ignore me.